Baronia | Come produciamo il Vino
Quale sono i processi e le nostre procedure per produrre il vino.
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How we make our wine


The Harvest

The Harvest is the collecting of grapes rich in sugar where you have the best concentration of elements useful to the fermentation we create.

The harvest could be done in August or September, depending on the grapes and wine types.

The first step of the production cycle is the Harvest. We do it by hand, to control and pick only the best grapes.

The Crushing

After the grapes harvest, we proceed with the pressing. Even this operation, a time, was carried out without the help of machines. The barefoot farmers, used to crush them in vats.
Following, it is collected in large vats to ferment.

Grape juice extract is then purified from the impurities; if the wine should be wine, must be removed skins and seeds; if the wine must be red, these “impurities” must be left, to create the color and also the particular taste features


The Fermentation

The must sugar have to change in alcohol and carbon dioxide if you want to convert the must into wine
The process is possible thanks to the action of some yeasts contained in the grape skins or cultivated artificially and then added.

The fermentation times vary from 1 to 10 days, and usually depend on the features sought in the final wine.

In this phase it is possible to occur the addition of sulfur dioxide to remove bacteria and undesirable microorganisms from the must.

At the end of the first fermentation is necessary to separate these impurities (also called pomace) from the wine through a process called racking.

The Winemaking

It is the biochemical process of transforming grapes into wine and its aging.
The grape skins hold some yeasts that convert the sugar grapes into alcohol: this process is called alcoholic fermentation.

There are several techniques of winemaking:
The winemaking follows a different process based on the type of wine that we want to obtain. If the juice is not fermented and separated from the grape skins and filtered, we will get white wines and generally should be drunk within 3 years from harvest.

The red wine is achieved by letting the must to ferment and macerating with skins and seeds, which release the typical red color and tannins.


The Aging

The red wines, before being bottled, are aged in oak barrels of various sizes, while the white wines, after a quick stay in steel tanks, are bottled so they mantain their freshness.